10 best ways to productively use your resources


source: www.salesforce.com

How smartly you use your time and how productively you tap your resources determines how successful you become. If you find yourself sluggish and slow-moving, you need to get back to doing what you do best. Here are ten timely tips that can help you turbocharge your productivity.

It’s all in the head; focus on decision making

Myriad thoughts weigh you down, slowing decision making. Get organized, sort out your priorities, and boost performance with these tips:

1. List your priorities
Write down everything that goes through your mind, even the most trivial thoughts. You begin to clear the cobwebs, focusing on actionable thoughts and this boosts decision making.

2. Empower your to-do-list
List the issues that are crucial to each day. Only critical calls, important meetings, medical checkups, and work related goals should figure in your daily calendar.

3. Maintain people’s lists intelligently
Your boss, spouse, children, and many other important individuals need separate to-do lists. Customized listings help you cover issues that keep these relationships on the right track.

4. Don’t micro-manage every issue
An action-packed day leaves you too bushed to follow up. Focus on two or three critical issues that make a difference. The feel good factor improves as you tick off your listed priorities.
YOU are your most valuable asset: Boost your energy levels
Be effective in boosting motivation, improving performance, and sustaining productivity. Happiness, inspiration, creativity, and good health are yours if you understand this:

5. Learn the art of relaxation
Don’t pack a day with so much action that you’re left drained. Learn to relax and let go. Take a walk and smell the roses. Clarity of thought will bless you with the wisdom of knowing what’s important and what isn’t.

6. Understand the importance of adequate rest
Sleep experts say the average American needs seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep. Rest and adequate nutrition boosts energy levels and prepares you for the toughest challenges.

7. Cut down on stimulants
Substituting sleep for coffee will do more to improve your energy levels. Switching to green tea will boost antioxidant intake that combats exhaustion and aging.

8. Adopt a diet which is nutritionally superior
Limit the three whites – sugar, salt, and white flour. Switch to wholegrain bread. Consume fruits and veggies that are organically grown. Small and incremental dietary changes yield the best results.
Set up realistic goals that are achievable
It’s pointless to frame goals if you’re unsure how you’ll achieve them. This is what you need to do:

9. Restrain the urge to overachieve
Remember that overachievement will leave you exhausted and unproductive. Some things in life are best slow cooked. Build your reserves of patience and bring changes incrementally.

10. Live in the moment: Focus on what needs to be done
The top gentleman achiever will tell you that staying focused is more important. Get into that Zen-like state where nothing comes between you and what needs to be achieved. The result? Your productivity quotient rockets you to your chosen goal in no time at all.