10 Things Every Man Should Do At least Weekly


After working like a dog for an entire week, most of us would love nothing more than to curl up in our beds the entire weekend. We were not born into the world to be workaholics and we shouldn’t allow our work to dominate our lives. Hence, it is essential to get busy with a variety of things outside of work. Here are 10 things every man should do at least weekly!

1. Read uplifting content

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During spare time, ordinary people seek entertainment while extraordinary people seek learning and education. Successful people read regularly and most of them manage to read at least one book per week. By taking 15-30 minutes of your time to read uplifting and instructive changes, it can help you get through the day while staying highly motivated. By reading hundreds of books, you will be knowledgeable on numerous topics and your opinions and views will change drastically.

2. Do it yourself

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How many of us have taken the time out to identify the methods of installing the newfangled lights, or repairing the toilet that isn’t flushing? When the faucet refuses to quit dripping, we always tend to look for the easy way out. A quick call to the local plumber or electrician can get the job done with minimum fuss, but nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction of a job well done by yourself. In turn, you can also save a lot by doing it yourself. Even if the repair work seems beyond you, you can always be inquisitive and ask questions to learn a bit while you observe your trusty handyman do his thing.

3. Listen to songs from your past

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There are not too many things that are more thrilling than hearing your favorite 90s song playing in the background while you complete your menial tasks of the day. Listening to songs from the past is very entertaining as it can remind you of your high school days. That weird nostalgia will certainly either have you smiling or cringing. Either way, it will make you feel more alive again. It might just be the much-needed experience you require to get through the day or the week.