15 Richest NBA Players

Sportsmen, especially the professional basketball players from the NBA, get paid handsomely to entertain spectators and win championships. While some of these players are worth their weight in gold, other less performing players cash in on the league’s sweet guaranteed contract money. Here is a list on 15 of the richest NBA players. We haven’t taken their endorsement deals into consideration; this list is entirely based on their career earnings. Hence, Lebron James finds himself low on the pecking order.

15. Allen Iverson

Estimated career basketball earnings: $154 million

Allen Iverson-slamonline.com

Also known as The Answer, Allen Iverson was renowned for his fearless style of play. His skill set and endeavors on the court allowed him to make the All-Star team 10 years in a row. The man single-handedly led the 76ers to the NBA Finals in the 2000-2001 season and commanded a cool $20.8 million during his prime. He is a four-time scoring champ and three-time steals champ.