15 Richest NBA Players


9. Lebron James

Estimated career basketball earnings: $180 million

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Lebron James has won the coveted NBA championships twice in his career thus far. The man has four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards to his name, was voted the NBA Finals MVP on two occasions and has notched two Olympic gold medals in his glittering career thus far. His dominance on the court has helped him land a handsome annual salary of $24 million. The reason he isn’t placed high on the list is because we haven’t taken his endorsement earnings into consideration. He has accumulated over $180 million in career basketball earnings thus far.

8. Ray Allen

Estimated career basketball earnings: $184 million

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Ray Allen is viewed by many as one of the best three-point shooters in the history of basketball. He was instrumental in helping the Boston Celtics capture the NBA championship in 2008 alongside Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. The shooting guard holds the distinct record of being the NBA’s all-time leader in career three-point field goals made in both the regular and post season. Ray Allen has an estimated career basketball earnings of $184 million.

7. Paul Pierce

Estimated career basketball earnings: $185 million

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A true swingman, Paul Pierce led the Boston Celtics to its first championship since the Bird era back in 2008. He was rightly awarded the NBA Finals MVP for his outstanding efforts on the court. The man has a bevy of physical and crafty moves in the paint and is blessed with a marksman’s touch outside, making him a nightmare for the defenders. In his career thus far, he has earned a whopping $185 million.