15 Things To Follow To Avoid Baldness


Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by people all over the world irrespective of their gender. There are various reasons behind the falling of hair follicles from the scalp such as lack of minerals, genetics, stress, medication, pollution and diet. However, we are not here to dwell on those reasons. We are here to stress on 15 things to follow to avoid baldness. Have a look at the suggestions below;

1. Use mild shampoo for daily hair wash

Use mild shampoo for daily hair wash-beforeitsnews.com

It is of paramount importance to keep the hair and scalp clean all the time. Therefore, it is essential that you wash your hair every day in order to prevent hair loss. By washing your hair daily, you will also be considerably decreasing the chances of infection and dandruff on the scalp, which can ultimately result in hair loss. Cleaner hair also helps give the impression of having increased volume.

2. Increase your intake of vitamins

Increase your intake of vitamins-pinterest.com

Vitamin A helps in the production of sebum present in the scalp. Vitamin E helps in the improvement of blood circulation in the scalp; this, in turn, enables hair follicles to produce more hair. In order to retain the color of hair, experts suggest increasing the intake of Vitamin B. You needn’t make huge efforts to avoid baldness. Just ensure that there is an appropriate intake of vitamins in your body.

3. Include proteins in your diet

Include proteins in your diet-ampfitness.com

Proteins abundantly found in fish, lean meats, and soy etc can play an effective role in keeping a check on your hair loss. An adequate dose of protein is required to grow hair. If you have less protein, your body will cut off the supply to the hair follicles. And, when that happens, you can start kissing your hair goodbye.