17 Celebrities Who Used To Be Beautiful

There is no denying that celebrities undergo a lot of stress in their lives. They are constantly scrutinized for their appearances by the public. Hence, they have to go through rigorous routines to maintain an exuberant look. However, the stress gets the best of them sometimes and they end up letting themselves go. Here are 17 celebrities who used to be beautiful. We offer our apologies if your crush happens to be on the list.

1. Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan-BigStock Images

Contrary to how she looks, Lindsay Lohan isn’t a quadragenarian. In fact, she is just 29. Just like her looks, her career is also dwindling, to say the least. Her career started spiraling downwards after her DUI case which landed her in jail. So, what has contributed to her fall from grace? Her unhealthy lifestyle—party, liquor, and illegal drugs have all played an atrocious role in damaging her looks.