17 Celebrities Who Used To Be Beautiful


8. Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan-popnbuzz.com

During her heyday, Meg Ryan was the most sought after actress in the industry. The actress stole the hearts of men all over with her performances in romantic films. She was renowned for her luscious lips, perfect curves, and golden locks, but that was then. After a series of horrible plastic surgeries and aesthetic treatments, she has turned out terribly different. Now sporting fine lines and uneven muscles, we are left feeling disgusted to have had a crush on her before.

9. Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith-BigStock Images

Melanie Griffith became manically depressed after the failure of her second marriage to Steven Bauer in the 80s. Thus, she resorted to drugs to keep her depression at bay. She has been suffering from drug addiction for a long time. She most recently went through rehabilitation in 2000 because of her addiction to painkillers. Although she leads a healthy lifestyle now inclining herself to yoga and other exercises, the damage has been done. Once a pretty face, she now looks older than her age suggests.

10. Rachael Zoe

Rachael Zoe-celebitchy.com

The fashion stylist, Rachael Zoe, has worked with a host of A-list celebrities in her glittering career. She has worked with the likes of Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, and Demi Moore. Although Rachel worked tirelessly towards her career, her skin suggests that she paid little to no attention towards her wellness. Despite only being in her early 40s, she looks old enough to be someone’s grandparent.