20 Jobs With The Highest Salaries In 2016

In an ideal world, we’d be completely satisfied with our jobs. It would pay us well to do what we love. But, that is often not the case with the world we live in. Rarely do we get paid well to do the jobs we love. Therefore, we are often coerced into opting for high paying jobs even though we may not be completely satisfied with the work. Without beating around the bush, let’s focus on the topic at hand. Here are 20 jobs that pay the most. The list is based on reports released by US News’ World Report.

20. Optometrist

Mean annual salary: $113,010

Optometrist-David Bruce Jr./flickr.com

Optometrists are tasked with the difficult job of diagnosing and treating visual issues and eye conditions such as glaucoma. They also prescribe corrective lenses. In order to become a legal optometrist practitioner, one is required to have a bachelor’s degree and complete a four- year doctor of optometry program.