25 Celebrities Who Committed Horrible Crimes


4. Danny Trejo

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Danny Trejo has had numerous run-ins with the law enforcers. He has spent a collective 11 years in correctional facilities because of crimes such as robbery and drug abuse. People in Hollywood are well aware of his stint in the California prison system for several years. His shady back story hasn’t prevented him from starring in several movies such as Con Air, Heat, Desperado and Machete etc.

5. C-Murder


C-Murder was living the life of a successful rapper before his sentencing. In fact, he had released nine albums before being convicted of second-degree murder. He was ostensibly involved in an altercation in 2001, and the tussle provoked him into pulling the trigger on the owner and the bouncer of a night club. If reports are to be believed, C-Murder fired shots after being denied entrance to the club for the possession of arms.

6. Shelley Malil

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Currently, Shelley Malil spends his life rotting away at Ironwood State Prison in Riverside County, California. Shelley wasn’t exactly going anywhere with his acting career managing notable roles in only The 40-year-old virgin, Holes, Collateral Damage, and Columbus Day etc. He was apprehended at an Amtrak station for stabbing his ex-girlfriend 23 times and was, thus, sentenced to a life in prison on December 16, 2010.