These 25 Gadgets Will Revolutionize Technology


Technology has only been created for one reason and one reason alone—to make life easier for humans. Hence, when there is a new invention around the block, it gets people excited. They wait in anticipation to find out if the new invention holds the potential to change their lives. The contemporary world sees a major influx of technology hitting the market on a regular basis. However, not all survive in the competitive market. Here are 25 gadgets that we think are here to stay; they will revolutionize technology!

1. Polar Balance Scale

Polar Balance

This isn’t your ordinary weighing machine. It actually works with the users to achieve a common goal. You can monitor your steps and calculate the best fitness regime for maximum calorie-burning motions etc through a wearable wristband that collaborates with the polar balance scale. It can even let you know when you can cheat on your diet. Priced at $100, this weighing scale will surely tip the balance of your weight in your favor.

2. Presence Home Security System

Presence Home Security

Created by a French company, Netatmo, that some have referred to as the “Apple Company of home products”, the Presence Home Security System is a security system that comprises of a 2-in-1 outdoor security camera and flood light. It works with an app and you can set up specific zones as your preferences. You can even choose what alerts you want and what you don’t want. Since video footage is stored locally, you needn’t pay for a subscription or additional fees.

3. Klaxoon


It can be an arduous task to network with fellow co-workers for a group project via telecommuting and only the internet. Klaxoon helps bring the people at the work table together by working as a combination of Skype, Google Drive and notepad all in one. It allows up to 40 users to be connected at a time. People can easily upload files, collaborate, communicate, and compare notes through this technology. It is also very effective and efficient for classroom activities.