These 25 Gadgets Will Revolutionize Technology


4. Oree


Oree has gone to great lengths to produce eco-friendly technology accessories. The company recently showcased their line of keyboards, track pads, and chargers that were entirely made of wood and leather at the CES 2016 show. People were flabbergasted when they witnessed a fully functional keyboard made of wood entirely. Although the company initially entered the market by making eco-friendly smartphone cases, it appears as though they have intentions of taking over entire offices all over the world.

5. Marathon Laundry Machine

Marathon Laundry

The Marathon Laundry Machine is a two-in-one, touch screen, Wi-Fi capable, washer and dryer. We have big expectations for this machine as it has been a hassle to set up both a washer and dryer in a confined space so far; lugging all of our laundry to a Laundromat also hasn’t been great. This machine will ostensibly hit the shelves in mid-2016 with many reports suggesting that it could be priced at around $1,200. That’s a small price to pay for comfort.

6. Adidas Sport Electronics

Adidas Sport

You can bet your bottom dollar that Adidas excels in just about every sector it participates in. Now that Adidas has joined the technology bandwagon, the company has already created the SmartRun and SmartBall. The former technology is GPS capable, monitors heart rate without a separate band to record the date, has 8 hours of battery life and allows runners to track times. The latter technology can record information such as spin, strike point and speed etc. The information can then be reviewed after its upload to either an Android or Apple device.