These 25 Gadgets Will Revolutionize Technology


7. Quell


The makers of Quell can be described as pioneers in the field of technology. That’s because they have created the first wearable device capable of relieving chronic pain. Quell uses neurotransmission and sends sensory messages to the brain and lets the brain know the location of the occurrence of the pain. The brain then produces a natural response to block the pain. The device must be strapped around a person’s upper calf, and with the simple push of a button, one can say goodbye to chronic pain. The device can be discreetly worn under clothing too. Can it get any better?

8. Voice-Controlled Alarm Clock

Voice-Controlled Alarm

Most of our alarm clocks are our phones, aren’t they? Anyway, the voice-controlled alarm clock has every potential to revive the obsolete alarm clock product. Manufactured by a French company called Bonjour, this particular alarm clock will have the ability to respond to the user’s commands and display things such as the weather, traffic reports, time and even play music. Priced at around $200, it is expected to hit the shelves around Christmas 2016.

9. VW BUDD-e


We believe that VW BUDD-e has developed a vehicle of the future. The car was revealed at the Las Vegas 2016 CES Show to a ravenous round of applause. The interior of the automobile looks like a living room and the exterior is a blended version of the Kia Soul and the VW Beetle. The passenger seats can be rotated to face the backseat passengers and the seats can all be folded or flipped-up accordingly. Instead of dials and gauges in the driver dashboard, there are three monitors the driver can personalize according to his/her preference.