Celebrities and Their Real-Life Historical Doppelgängers


7.  Charlie Sheen and John Brown

Source: voguesugar.com

Hollywood-shame Charlie Sheen is growing to look a lot like the abolitionist John Brown from the 1800s. John Brown was truly against slavery in all of its forms and sought to purge his beloved country of the ideology that a certain race was inferior to others. His belief caused him and a rag-tag bunch to murder pro-slavery people across the country. He was executed for his acts.

8. Eddie Murphy and This Guy

Source: tellmenothing.com

This pictures showed the beloved comedian from the 1980s and 90s side-by-side with this unknown man from the past. For all we know, this person may be Eddie’s great-great-great-grandfather, or he may just be some random guy who happened to look like Eddie. Whoever he is, their similar facial features are uncanny.

9. Tommy Lee Jones and Andrew Johnson

Source: important7.com

Tommy Lee Jones, a.k.a. Agent K, has the face of a president. The 17th president of the United States, to be specific. There’s no way that Tommy and Andrew Johnson are not related. Look at them! If there were a movie portraying the chaotic times following Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, we hope that Tommy Lee Jones gets to play President Johnson.