Celebrities and Their Real-Life Historical Doppelgängers


16. Matt Damon and Ivan Kozhedub

Source: viraliq.com

In many of Matt’s recent movies, it seems like Hollywood would like to get rid of him by tossing him into outer space. Interstellar and Gravity are our sources, so check them out if you haven’t seen them yet. But if we did get rid of Matt, he’d probably come back in 100 years or so. Check out this picture of Ivan Kozhedub, a WW2 fighter ace from Soviet Russia. In his next life, Matt would probably be some scientist living in Greece or something.

17. Johnny Depp and Arthur Schopenhauer

Source: elclarin.com

Johnny Depp’s doppelgänger is the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, This 1800s philosopher is known for developing and testing a ton of different theories, and Johnny is famous for playing a pirate, a scissor-wielding monster, a madman in a hat, a pirate, and a Hungarian serial killer wizard. So… yeah… not much in common.

18. Mark Zuckerberg and Philip IV of Spain

Source: imgur.com

They say that the creator of Facebook is an alien or reptile, but in truth, he’s a time traveler who has conquered foreign lands. In the 1600s, he ruled Spain and Portugal until his “death” 20 years after taking the throne. Fast forward 400-plus years and here is today, taking over the internet with his social media and billions and billions of dollars.