Celebrities Who Did Normal Jobs


Chris Owen- Training to become a Sushi Chef

Chris Owen-gameofglam.com

Chris Owen´s acting career came to an end right after the American Pie movies. The Shermanator is now currently training to become a Sushi Chef. He previously waited tables at a Japanese-themed restaurant in LA.

Tony Danza- Teacher

Tony Danza-gameofglam.com

Tony Danza is most prominent for his roles in the movies, Taxi and Who´s The Boss. Currently, he serves as an English teacher in Philadelphia Northeast High School. He has found a noble profession indeed.

George Foreman- Salesman

George Foreman-gameofglam.com

George Foreman is a two-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion. Most famous for his bout with the late Muhammad Ali, Foreman currently promotes his business, ¨Foreman Grills.¨ He was forced into working because of his drug abuse.