22 Celebrities And Their Phenomenal Weight Loss Transformation

Celebrities are as human as the rest of us. They, too, struggle with keeping their weight in check. However, they are under more pressure than the rest of us to look their gorgeous best. Nonetheless, they still work hard to achieve their body goals. Therefore, we should give them their due credit when they head out in the red carpet looking ridiculously good. Here are some celebrities that went through weight loss transformation!

1. Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey is a legendary figure in the music industry. Her debut single, Vision of Love, was a massive success and it paved the way for her to have an extremely successful career. Although she has managed to keep her weight in check, for the most part, she did have weight problems in 2011 when she gave birth to twins. She put on 70 pounds of baby weight. The singer went on a diet, exercised and managed to drop 45 pounds within a few months of giving birth. These days, she is back to her former self and sports a rocking bod.