Essentials for Perfecting The Well Groomed Look



A Man’s desk drawer would be empty without these must-have grooming tools

You could be spending a large portion of your time at the workplace or traveling out of a bag. Next time, don’t forget to pack these grooming essentials for that perfect look.

Unnoticed by you, the office soap and sanitizer is peeling away skin and protective oils. They leave your hands dry and rough to touch, a prelude to various skin infections. Dab away the dryness by using a hand moisturizing cream following every wash. Look for a blend of nourishing cocoa butter and nutritive sesame oil, both excellent for combating dry skin.

No disrespect to dogs, but the deodorant is really man’s best friend. If one is not within reaching distance, you feel lost. Stash away a quick drying deo in your drawer. It’s your insurance against body odor, especially when you are headed for close encounters of the happy hour.

The combination wet-dry mode razor is a shaving companion you can’t do without. It’s quick and efficient and doesn’t leave a mess. You won’t have to walk into an emergency meeting with the prickly shadow of stubble.

The seeds in fruits and salads pose a seriously annoying gum problem. Keeping Dental Floss handy saves you the annoyance following a hearty meal. It’s your personal guard against the onslaught of gum problems.

Bruising bumps and oozing blisters can have painful consequences. With Mr. Fix It, you get an instant solution. This liquid contains silver which prevents bacterial attacks and helps dry the bruised area faster. Just clean the affected area and apply a small trickle of the liquid to initiate healing.

Instead of lugging around large (and breakable) crystal containers of cologne, use solid cologne. The solidity concentrates the cologne, ensuring that those around you get a lingering fragrance that lasts hours. Dab a drop on your wrists and behind the ears, and you’re ready for action. Oh, by the way, it comes in three refreshing scents that’ll match your mood changes.

When you speak, it’s hard for people not to notice your lips. If they present a chaffed and dry appearance, you lose marks in the grooming arena. The lip balm is your perfect solution. A cooling mint and white-tea infusion prevent your lips from curling up and flaking. The SPF-25 gives you valuable protection against the sun’s damaging radiation.

Those large mouthwash containers are passé.  Go for powdered mouthwashes that come in small sachets. All you do is fill a packet with water, give it a swirl and gurgle for 30 seconds. It’s an effective way of ridding yourself of the burn of coffee, and the telltale smell of acrid onion and garlic.

Spilled coffee, stains of salsa sauce and many other types of dripping can leave you at your wits end. The Tide To Go stain removers are easy to carry. Just dab the pen applicator over the stain and you have a cleaner cloth. They are very effective if applied soon after the stain spreads on your cloth.

Congealed sweat makes your face appear oily, crusty and scrubby. The dirt that clogs your pores makes you prone to skin infections. The wet wipes with the cooling touch come in handy, especially after a steamy commute or travel under the burning sun. They may not substitute the shower, but they’re your best freshness companions.