Extreme Adventure Tips for the World Nomad



Whether it’s paddle rafting the Grand Canyon, diving with Blue whales, or gliding down the Amazon river, adventure molds the man

Travel destinations have changed from being merely pleasure spots to experiences that ignite the adventurous man within you. The modern man is shifting from relaxing and soul satisfying journeys to challenging and roller-coaster experiences. Today’s man says “If no one’s willing to go there, let me be the first.” So, if you’re ready to switch from a change of scene to a sea change within you, this is where you go and what you do.

Paddle rafting in outdoor riverine spots is wasted unless you’ve tested your skills in the Grand Canyon. The undercurrent is fierce and the flow is outrageous.  The 300 miles of Canyon present the most challenging white water adventure in the globe. In two weeks you’ll navigate the Colorado River coursing through one of Earth’s most mind blowing geological crusts. As an experience, this will be humbling, nerve-racking, and inspiring.

The 200-ton blue whale is a gentle giant that poses a challenge unlike anything on terrestrial Earth. Come visit Loreto Island Bay Marine Park. In a cozy enclave off the Baja Mexico, you’ll be minutes away from these leviathans that dominate the Sea of Cortez. As you glide through the azure blue waters in your Sea Quest Expeditions Kayak, these giants burst the waters beside you creating heart-stopping moments. It’ll remind you how tiny you are in the universe of things.

Guatemala, South of Mexico is home to Volcán Pacaya, a day’s trip for hikers. The most stunning sights are reserved for night campers. They get to see red hot boulder splitting lava boiling through gaping crusts, destructing its way through thick forests. The danger is real and palatable as only a few feet separate you from the Earth’s molten interior.

Imagine finding yourself in the middle of nowhere with nothing to guide you but sheer guts, a survival instinct, and your wits. Well, the Red Canyons South of Utah offers you that experience. You’ll have to finish the Boulder Outdoor Survival School’s refresher course in surviving the wilds. Sorry, no carry bags, phones, watches, sleeping equipment or tents; you’re on your own with just the basics – a body-hugging poncho and a hunting knife.

You’ll be taught the basics of locating edible stuff and finding potable water.  You’ll learn skills that ensure you survive the worst case scenarios. Then it’s you and the wilds and nobody else. It’s that unique chance to bond with nature while you conquer the unfriendly elements.

You’ve heard about it, read about it or discussed it with friends, but nothing beats the thrill of experiencing the Amazon Jungle up close and personal. It’s renowned as the Earth’s most happening bio-diversity spot. Courtesy of the Earthwatch Institute, you’ll get the opportunity of assisting the research staff in studying the remarkable flora and fauna and indigenous culture that makes the Amazon so unique.

The memories you carry back from these adventures will stay etched in your mind for decades. They make you more appreciative of nature conservation. You also become a happier nomad thirsting for your next adventure.