For a Gentleman, Seduction Is a Song Well Sung



For ages, seduction carried a negative meaning, being seen as an act motivated purely by sexual desire. But this attitude is rapidly changing. In a modern setting, seduction becomes a charm offensive that only a true gentleman can handle effectively to win a lady’s affections. Done the right way, the gentle art of seduction can make a man truly irresistible.

You gain nothing by being disrespectful to a woman. You can’t afford to look creepy by being too flirty, too edgy, or being too careless in your choice of words. Being a gentleman is all about putting the lady at ease in your presence. You’ll be saying things that appeal to her and which make her feel she’s special and wanted. If you are genuinely happy in her presence, it should show in the warmth of your gestures and the humor in your conversation.

You can’t leave things (and relationships) to chance. The lady’s modesty will hold her back but won’t prevent her from pacing you. It’s your responsibility as a man to push the envelope and make the first moves. You don’t want to give the impression that you’re coming on too strong. Allow the lady to slow your overtures, letting her dictate the pace of the relationship. Women hate to be hurried and may need more time to decide if you are worthy of the journey. Moving two steps backward is not a negative. You can always speed up further down the road.

It’s easy for a man to be boastful or extravagant in word and deed when he is at the peak of seduction. Avoid the temptation of impressing your woman by pulling out all stops. Remember that down the road you’ll be held accountable for all that you promised and you will be judged accordingly. So avoid making promises that you can’t keep. That’s a sign of a matured gentleman.

Ladies simply adore men that wine and dine them. For this reason, men tend to overdo this aspect in seduction. At the same time, ladies get offended if that’s all you are capable of doing. All the wealth in the world, and wining and dining in expensive restaurants will not get you your lady if you’re not lively enough to engage and hold her undivided attention. By all means, treat the lady lavishly, but make sure that each moment you spend is full of laughter and fun, and you end up knowing each other more intimately.

The wining and dining, the singing and dancing and whispered confidences are making you warm and fuzzy. You’re both indulging in lively conversation. An air of excitement is pervading the get-together. The mood is good, the timing is great. This is when you follow what Nike religiously says. Just do it.  Stand up, be a man and say what comes directly from your heart. Whatever you say or do, do it with supreme confidence. No awkwardness, no complications. Keep it simple and make your move. Your lady love will praise you for having made that move.