Harmful Habits That Hinder a Man’s Career Growth


Unknown to a man, bad habits might be encouraging stagnation

It happens to the best of men. They may have tremendous potential to zoom their career graphs but bad habits hinder progress at every stage.  If you want to be respected and admired in your professional circles as a successful man, there’s a burdensome load that you need to cast away.

You have to overcome tardiness, sloppiness, and laziness with a vengeance. If you’re guilty of these traits, the last thing you want to do is to create excuses to hide your inefficiency. The whole point of living life successfully is for the man to give up making excuses. He has to become more responsible for what he does.

Perfection as a goal is fine, but if that makes you stop short of achieving a near perfect grade don’t lose heart. A man has to become realistic enough to compromise on life’s myriad choices and challenges. Never let perfection excessively control your lifestyle.

You may stimulate yourself with excessive alcohol and clog your arteries with junk food. A regular smoking habit may be destroying your lungs. It’s a no-brainer that pernicious habits are damaging your health and busting your productivity. Calmly undo the negativity of bad habits and rejuvenate your life with the right choices.

Men are prone to peer pressure more than anything else, and this may lead to frequent comparisons with others. Make no mistake; a spirit of competitiveness is healthy. What destroys you from within is the comparison that makes you change direction. You lose your sense of proportion and get diverted from your personal goals.

The biggest drawback for any man is the tendency to evade responsibility for his actions. You may have messed up at work. Gracefully accept your share of the blame and put all your energies into rectifying matters. You need to shift your gaze from the blame to the solution. The worst thing you can do is to blame somebody else or find a scapegoat in a peer or subordinate. That doesn’t help. The ability to accept the blame for your faults is a sign of maturity, and you’ll be praised for it.

Whining doesn’t behoove a man. Constant complaining irritates co-workers and does little to inspire workable solutions. You must stop wasting your time and that of others by focusing on practical solutions. Become a problem solver, not a worry-generator.

You need to move from exclusively short-term solutions to a longer perspective. It’s easy to get bogged down in the boring routine that defines each passing day. By all means, solve problems as and when they crop up. But do spend an hour each day thinking clearly about your long-term goals and how near (or how far) you are in achieving them.

The long-term orientation is a must if you want your career graph to zoom beyond the confines of your current workplace.