Hollywood Celebrities who Left Hollywood to Pursue Normal Careers


4. Elizabeth Berkley from Saved by the Bell

Source: vulture.com

Elizabeth is another star whose acting career did not exactly skyrocket after Saved by the Bell. Although she became widely popular after 1995’s Showgirls, it was for the wrong reasons. Her acting career didn’t die there, but the only other gigs she was offered were indie films. Like co-star Lark Voorhies, Elizabeth decided to try her hand at writing, releasing the self-help book Ask-Elizabeth.

5. Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation

Source: etsy.com

Nick first stepped into worldwide fame after landing the role of Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. Ron has become one of the most iconic TV show characters of this decade mainly due to being so relatable (who doesn’t have a little Ron Swanson in them?). Although he hasn’t necessarily left the Hollywood spotlight, he has several interests outside of acting. Nick is a professional carpenter who sells many of his pieces through his LA workshop called Offerman Woodshop.

6. Rapper Vanilla Ice

Source: musiclifemagezine.net

The drug-selling, parachute-pants-wearing of the 1980s is long gone and has been replaced by the calmer but less stable house flipper we’ve grown to love and hate simultaneously. His new passion in life is real estate, and he now makes a living by flipping houses. He stepped back into the spotlight with his own reality TV show called The Vanilla Ice Project. We’re happy to report that this fallen rapper has made an honest living by flipping houses since his early 20s.