Paralyzed Jaguar—What Happened Next Will Shock You


The Jaguar is a powerful cat that was often worshipped by many indigenous people in the past. However, terrible human beings have poached the magnificent creature to near extinction. Here´s a heart-shattering story of an injured jaguar that was admitted to a vet clinic in a dire state. Fortunately, there are some kind hearted people who help restore faith in humanity after all.

The Call

In October 2016, the veterinarian unit of San Francisco de Quito University in Ecuador received a phone call that explained there was an abandoned baby jaguar. The cub´s mother was nowhere on the horizon and the cub looked helpless. What next for the ill-fated cub?

The First Rescue

The person who called the University tried to collect the cub for examination. Unfortunately, the person was unsuccessful in his quest. Therefore, the University dispatched their own people to get the job done. After finding the cub, they had to make an important decision.

The University

The veterinarian unit of San Francisco de Quito University is a leader in rescuing animals and treating them until releasing them to the wild again. The members of the unit have nursed many wild animals over the years and successfully released them into their natural habitat in the past.