Paralyzed Jaguar—What Happened Next Will Shock You


Who´s to blame?

It was possible that both the mother and cub had gotten too close to a farm and a farmer had opened fire on them to protect his plantations and livestock. Although the mother had clearly escaped, the cub wasn´t too fortunate.


The vets decided to name the Jaguar and they called her Dýaira. A surgeon was called in to perform a difficult surgery. The operation was deemed a success. However, the poor cub would still require physiotherapy for an extended period to get back on her feet.

Telling the story

The people at the University Facility thought they needed to share the miraculous story of Dýaira´s injuries to prevent future similar incidents. Hence, they worked closely with conservation groups to get the story out. They worked tirelessly towards making people aware of the plight of jaguars.