Pictures Taken Before Tragedy


Let´s be honest here; animals cannot be trusted with. If you don´t treat them with caution and respect, you may end up becoming their meals. However, there isn´t a lack of stupid humans in the world who choose to ignore the facts at their peril. Here are some pictures that were taken right before tragedy struck!

Fatal Slip

While visiting a zoo, a man in New Delhi, India, thought it was a brilliant idea to climb on a tiger enclosure to get a better view of the magnificent creature. He eventually lost his balance and fell into the tiger cage. What happened next is anybody´s guess.

Goats can´t be kept as pets

This picture proves that goats cannot be tamed to be kept as pets. Hence, people should remain content with cats and dogs as pet animals. Goats are known to show aggressive behavior to assert dominance.

Ill-timed picture

This image was taken by a hiker in New Jersey, USA while on a trail. The bear would later track him down and kill him. Do remember, when you encounter a bear, it is safest to run to a higher altitude as bears have difficulties climbing hills and mountains.