Pictures Taken Before Tragedy


A leopard suddenly appears

The leopard in question had escaped the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary in West Bengal. After escaping, it had terrorized the village of Limbu. Therefore, it had to be contained. Here´s a picture of the beast attacking a forest warden. Luckily, the warden survived the attack. It was shot by the man nearby.


These hunters should be ashamed of killing a black bear as a prize kill. However, they did get what they deserved eventually. While they posed for a photo, a bear lurked in the shadows to get its vengeance. The bear can be seen over the man near his left shoulder.

Hunter becomes the hunted

This hunter didn’t do himself any favor by killing the large stag. The scent of the blood only attracted a cougar. A mountain lion prefers eating someone else´s kill over killing for its own food. We know what became of the stag, but what about the hunter?