The Art of Chivalry – Mark of a True Gentleman



You could be accused of being old fashioned or not living up to aggressive gender roles that have been chiseled in stone for millennia. But if you’re not chivalrous, you’re missing something big – you’re failing the mark of a true gentleman.

It’s not your loud talk or brash gestures that attract attention. Women love guys that can treat them like ladies. It’s your gentlemanly behavior that gains respect and indicates that you are the real thing. Here are some of the simple (yet forgotten) manly gestures that set female hearts aflutter.

You hold the door (car, home, anything) open for the lady. In a fast moving society, this is a fast vanishing courtesy. Believe us, women will slow down and start taking notice. They’ll even thank you for it because it’s so rare. The same applies also to lifting dead weights, helping with the groceries and escorting helpless women across busy streets.

You are reliable to a fault. You call when you say you’ll call, and you come precisely when you are expected to arrive. In short, you never keep a woman waiting. Nothing can be more annoying to a woman than to keep checking her mobile for your “spoiler” alerts.

You won’t play games and you won’t beat around the mulberry bush. You say it as it comes to you. Your behavior is not affected. It all comes naturally to you. Women love guys who take interest in them and show that they get excited when their lady love enters the room. They’ll say, “That guy is a natural.”

You have no hesitation hugging the gal’s mom or vigorously shaking her dad. You’ll tolerate her weird friends and absorb all the stale jokes with a smile that’ll make everyone happier. See, you’re creating the impression that you are happiest when your woman is beside you.

You have no issues with PDA. It won’t be of the clutching bearish kind that puts a woman off. It will be touching and intimately adorable like a squeeze of the hand, a caress of the shoulder or a peck on the cheek. It shows a woman that you care and you don’t mind others noticing your excitement.

You walk the lady to her car or up to her door because you care for her safety. Women acknowledge that it’s thoughtful of a man to send a text message asking if she’s safely home. The gesture makes ladies feel warm and fuzzy inside.

You offer your warm jacket to a lady in freezing weather and you wouldn’t mind pulling the car nearer the curb so that lady doesn’t get drenched. You care that her hair and makeup doesn’t get ruined. These are meaningful gestures that involve small sacrifices but which are immensely appreciated.

When you see the lady facing an awkward situation, you get up and stand by her, encouraging her till the situation becomes normal. It feels great for women to know that someone’s watching out for them. It counts among the topmost chivalrous gestures.

You’ve made real and lasting progress if you can show the lady that her voice and opinions matter to you. You are not the guy who switches off his attention midstream. When you are in the lady’s company, you are all ears and patience.