The Gentlemanly Way of Remaining Typically American



The All-American ambiance can permeate each and every aspect of your lifestyle

Then American tourist wherever he goes emits an aura that is typically American. You can spot the gentleman anywhere in the world. The remarkable thing about “being American” is that it’s creating ripples in the fashion world. From the pace and exuberance of baseball to crunchy burgers, the Wild West and cheerleading, Americanisms are in endless supply.

Perhaps the most iconic American contribution graces casual fashion wear. There are myriad shades of denim and a mind-blowing variety of varsity wear (jackets especially). There are tanks and tops uber fashion tees, crowned by the ever-present baseball cap. These eye-catching and trendy designs have defined the American way of life and living.

The American way wouldn’t be what it is without that remarkable fabric, the denim. Born as a Levis Strauss creation back in 1873, this is a fabric that is evolving day by day. The blue denim matched with the white shirt is as Iconic as the star – James Dean – who immortalized the rebellious look in the 50s. Movies and modeling have never been the same since then.

The high school athlete, the campus heartthrob, the teen leader attracting the eyeballs wouldn’t be what they are without their varsity jacket. You can blame it on movies, especially the teen-oriented stuff that Hollywood has been churning out. From classic to the cult look, the mark of the man is undoubtedly American.

Headgear changed gears the moment the baseball cap went viral. You can thank Bruce Springsteen for inspiration. The cap crowning your head is a fashion icon that defies description. It’s simple yet classy. It’s cool but raises your glamor quotient. It’s so versatile that you can personalize it any way you like. It defines your personality like nothing else.

Last but certainly not the least is our humble yet elegant footwear – the sneakers. The sporty ones and those that add flair to a casual look. The Iconic All Stars sneakers may be designed for intensive muscle stretching sports. The variety now available is mind boggling. They can be worn regardless of your age or inclination. Simply wearing them makes you younger and feel alive in any setting.