The Greatness and the Simplicity of Being a Bachelor Boy



The glory of being in a committed relationship (read marriage) has been celebrated through the ages. The physical and emotional rewards of being a team are obvious. The sharing of mutual goals and achievable dreams is heady. You banish your loneliness and you revel in togetherness. But there is one factor that tips the scales and defines the greatness of bachelorhood – freedom.

In God’s own country, the U.S. of A, bachelors treasure their independence. Oh yes, we’re friendly and fun loving, we’ll socialize, and we’ll network without being tied down by commitment. We take our own decisions, and even as we are molding our own lives we are becoming better people.

The beauty of bachelorhood is that it compels you to look inward and learn a great deal about your strengths and weaknesses. You mature as you hone your skills and overcome your weaknesses. The consummate bachelor is better prepared for avoiding the mid-life crisis that makes married males go haywire.

A huge advantage is that the entire globe fits comfortably in your backpack. When you have the time, the money, and the inclination, you can pack up at short notice and go anywhere you please. Even your Rambo boss can’t stop you. He fears that you’ll quit, skip and jump ship.

There are no judgmental issues, and there’s no one berating you on the finer aspects of living. You see, you are home alone as the Lord of the manor. The sink may be groaning under the weight of the evening party. There could be a trail of innerwear on the floor all the way to the front door, and possibly someone forgot to flush the toilet. No issues, you say, it’s my mess and I love it.

The single man can live in a cocoon of his own making filled only with the people he loves and likes the most. He gravitates to spots where there’s fun, laughter, and camaraderie. He has the good fortune of avoiding a host of dangerous characters – the nagging partner, pesky in-laws, and nosy parkers, or the depressive dad of his current girlfriend, among other undesirables. You have the honor of deciding not only the menu but whom you share it with every single waking day.

You wouldn’t believe how gratifying it is to make tons of money and deciding what to do with it all by yourself. You have the freedom of living the high life but also the choice of making investments and protecting your interests.

There are specific responsibilities that tie you to your workplace. Apart from that, every single waking hour is bursting with possibilities. You don’t owe an explanation to anybody for what you do with that time and or how you explore those possibilities. As long as what you do is morally and legally OK, you’re King Emperor answerable to none.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of bachelorhood is that one doesn’t groan under the burden of somebody else’s expectations. When you aren’t attached to anyone, there’s no one to impress but yourself. The bouquets and the brickbats are all yours baby, take it or leave it.

The buoyant bachelor stops obsessing about dying alone and lives life to its fullest. If he manages to sow some wild oats in the process, he would have contributed his mite to society.