The Man in White Is Seldom Out of Sight



Pristine white is the gateway to becoming a style icon

In the good old days, one had to wait till the clock chimed on Memorial Day to start wearing whites. Nowadays, with fashion trends changing by the minute, gents are comfortable wearing white all year round.  Here are the finest reasons why you need to add a dab of white to your wardrobe.

There’s something pristine about white jeans that makes summer come alive in all its glory. If blue denim is your workhorse weapon, white jeans make you stand out in the crowd. The advantage is that you can dress extravagantly around whites in any way that suits your taste.

The problem with going all white is that people might mistake you for captaining a yacht or being a tennis player or naval officer, not that any of that is bad, but…. The strategy should be to tone the whites to the bare basics. Show them up with contrasting sneakers and colored tees or pair them with a stylish polo. They’ll look great with light weight chambray linens. You can add a baseball cap and complete the uber cool look.

The only downside of wearing whites is that you need to keep them carefully clean. If you’re the fidgety type, smudges and spills will show you poorly. Your accessories also need to be crisp and debonair. Bathing tops in a dash of vibrant colors will make gents smarter. Go easy on the blues because you don’t want to show you were born in the navy.

The shoes that complement white jeans should be chosen with care. This is simply because whitish bottoms make people focus their gaze on your feet.  If you’re not the shoe-man supreme, you may have to think twice before donning whites. Handsome is the guy with a fetching pair of loafers.

If socks suck do away with them if that makes you comfortable. There’s nothing to beat the fashionable ambiance of white jeans showing up a new pair of shoes. Make the best use of new sneakers while the shine lasts on them.

When you’re handling whites, remember that you are at your best if you present startling contrasts. For starters, you can try extreme black for a virile and manly effect, particularly if you’re blessed with a physique that shames Apollo. But the beauty of white is that it matches easily with anything colorful in your wardrobe, which is an advantage. You won’t waste time matching colors as with other apparel.

Last but certainly not the least; be prepared when you wear whites with contrasts. They’ll grab attention wherever you go. Ask Kenye. He’ll be wearing all whites and still look like a million bucks. When Kim saunters beside him in black, the pairing truly appears made in heaven.

Whites, in whatever style you choose to wear them, will get you instant attention as you stand out prominently. This a rare color that you can have loads of fun with, without appearing cocky. At least, it’s better than wearing some of those eye shattering colors that make you look like you’ve stepped out of a rainbow colored ice cream sundae.