The Men’s Guide to Planning a Wonderful Wedding



Guys! This is your golden opportunity to get hitched in a truly memorable way. The variety is truly mind blowing – from the sublimely simple ceremonies to the outrageously funny, from the exuberantly exotic to the extravagantly high-end weddings – the array of choices can leave men bewildered. Here’s what the best men that have been there and done it all have to say.

Long winded awkward speeches, unending rehearsals, and the formal pinstriped suit are passé. Move on to great wine, delicious food, lively music and peals of laughter. These are the perfect ingredients to kick start a lovely wedding, besides being a gentleman’s smoothest ice-breakers. After all, what’s a wedding for if your closest friends and dearest kin aren’t in their best mood?

Having a gala time means a lot if you’ve packed the wedding rafters with your closest buddies and dearest kin. Inviting people that you bond best with, and ensuring that they enjoy the closeness and camaraderie that strengthens personal bonds should be your priority. Trim your wedding invites to persons whom you know intimately and who bond well together. So, your boss can take a toss, and critics can croon elsewhere!

If you’re pampering your romantic mood try a beach wedding that concludes with a glorious sunset fading into a delightful evening sprinkled with brilliant illumination and soft music. You’d be surprised, but such a wedding won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

If budget is no bar, and lavish is the name of your lifestyle, there’s nothing to beat a theme wedding. Go Victorian with a vengeance! Costume your groomsmen, dress up the bridesmaids, and have an array of butlers serving a feast fit for kings. Just make sure that the tongue tantalizing flavors are served with a generous helping of your choicest liquors.

Kids, lots of kids add color and festivity to a wedding like nothing else. But looking after them shouldn’t become a chore for their parents. Arrange spacious play areas, beverages, and snacks to keep them busy, and co-opt the elders to mollycoddle them personally. Needless to say, keep the nannies happy, ensuring they are part and parcel of the festivity.

Spontaneity adds spice to any wedding, and arranging an open air barbecue replete with choicest meats and flavorful beers gets the man brigade raring to go. These events keep the men engaged doing what they do best, and create a pleasurable ambiance for wonderful conversations.

The simplicity and spontaneity factors get a boost if you plan a garden wedding. These weddings are less stressful besides saving tons of money. As the liquor flows and the food cascades, you will be on top of the world sharing memorable moments with your loved ones.

Last but certainly not the least, encourage everybody to participate in song and dance. Buoyed by delicious food, great wine, and delightful chatter your guests will lose themselves happily in a world and that moment which you created with tender loving care.