Fun Things to Do On a Staycation


Summer brings with it blissfully balmy weather, days off from school, the beach, the great and of course annual vacation time. However, travel arrangements and (particularly) the flight can prove more stress than their worth! And while we gleefully anticipate vacationing, our bank account may be less enthusiastic in view of the substantial budget required for a one-week holiday.

The rise in popularity of staycations – where one takes a holiday at home – is largely due to the desire to vacation without the stress, inconvenience and expenses associated with travel. Staycations is a great alternative for taking break from it all, while getting more for their buck – particularly if one needs to stay close to home or has unpredictable schedules.

If vacationing at home sounds like an oxymoron you’re probably doing it wrong! We definitely recommend a fluid plan for your staycation – you don’t want your annual holiday to pass you, without your having left the couch! However, we do recommend that you plan some time for chillaxing and catching up on your latest Netflix episodes. But then move on to other things. Catch up on quality time with friends and relatives.

Look at your home town with fresh eyes. What top 5 attractions would you recommend to an out-of-towner? When was the last time you visited them? There’s the start of your staycation plan. Even better, plan ahead and take a couple of friends with you.

Without needing to allocate hefty portions of your vacation budget on travel and accommodation, you can enjoy leisure activities like horseback riding, paintball and hiking. How about those yoga poses you wanted to perfect? This might be an opportunity to book some private sessions with you teacher.

A digital detox might also be a good way to go. Stay away from your Facebook and Twitter news feeds and break out of the routine. Tell your boss that you’re on vacation so you’re not expected to be available on email 24/7 and turn on that out of office automated reply.

Use some (some!) of the money you’re saving from not travelling or sleeping in hotels to indulge in some retail therapy and me time. A spa day is always something to look forward to. If you don’t have the budget for this, turn your bathroom into a home spa and soak in the tub, with a glass of wine and book in hand. A body scrub and face mask can easily be done at home!

Another interesting staycation favourite involves dining out more often. Travel the culinary globe by opting for a different international cuisine every night. Get into the vibe and match an exotic cocktail to your meal. And of course, there’s no time spent on cooking an