Top 10 Futuristic Aircraft


Aviation pioneers like Amelia Earhart, Howard Hughes, Charles Lindbergh and the Wright brothers have made world history through their efforts in furthering man’s quest to conquer the globe. Well, we’re pretty sure that no matter how avant-garde these trailblazers really were, they would not have been able to come up with these futuristic aircraft, even in their wildest dreams! These planes are the real deal – the stuff that science fiction is made of!

10. PAK TA


Dubbed the next-generation Russian military transport aircraft, the PAK TA (Perspective Airborne Complex of Transport Aviation), is purported to fly at supersonic speed, carrying up to 200 tons of cargo. This capacity would enable the plane to deliver a fully-equipped task force anywhere in the world, within hours. However, this aircraft is currently only at conceptual stage and critics remain skeptical about the actual feasibility of building of such a flying mammoth. Russia plans to add some 80 PAK TA planes to its fleet, by 2024. This is an ambitious project in terms of costs, labor and engineering capacity and should the Russian military succeed with this feat, it would be making a strong statement about its efficiency and power.