What makes a man irresistible to the fair sex?


Source: http://www.vanityfair.com

It’s a question that has haunted men in the millions. At stake is the projection of a mystical aura of attractiveness that appeals to the opposite sex. We fuss over hairstyles, pour over outfits, and rehearse the way we project our presence in a desperate attempt to woo the fair sex. Yet, unknown to men, researchers have dredged up interesting findings that may change the way men look at themselves, forever.

No, it’s not the size of your bank balance or rippling biceps and washboard abs that make a difference. It’s not about sizzling movie star looks either. Women, it would appear are irresistibly drawn to certain peculiarities and quirks in characteristics that make their chosen men unique.

First off the block, it’s about being Mr. Four-eyes. Believe it or not, wearing glasses is viewed as a sign of profound intelligence. Glasses project brain power, the sure sign of a thinking man. So, even if you hate glasses in private, ensure to wear them on your date. Add a cup of compassion and dollops of humor and you gain an unbeatable lead over the competition.

If glasses project brain power, a graying thatch exudes the aura of manly maturity, unquestionable experience, and quiet sophistication. The online dating industry is replete with women that feel “gray is great,” and a sign of rising hotness. So, if you’re young but sporting specks of gray, wear your mop with pride because you’ll make female heads nod in appreciation.

In the dictionary of Man Science, Scarface is no longer a derogatory word. Battle scars, war wounds, blemishes and so-called physical imperfections are trophies. They can be carried as your badge of honor because women are drawn irresistibly to the stories behind them. This kind of man presents a tantalizing mystery and masculine ruggedness that evidences raw courage and bravery.

Surprisingly, gardening geniuses blessed with green-fingers that show little hesitation in getting their hands dirty in Mother Nature command greater respect among the fair sex. Their rustic charm makes these gents more attractive than urbanites. They are somehow considered better performers in bed though the logic hasn’t been scientifically validated. So guys, if you have a garden that’s lying neglected, now is the time to make amends.