When A Brown Bug Like This Appears In Your Yard, Immediate Action Is Required


4.   Stink Bug

We’re not joking, this bug is actually known as the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, or Halyomorpha halys. Just by the name you can see that this one is bad news. Seeing the havoc that they can wreak, we are quite certain that they are deserving of this name.

5.   Where do they come from?

It is interesting to know that Halyomorpha halys has originated from Asia. In the beginning they were quite spread out in China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. While that may have been their home in the beginning, they managed to spread out throughout the Western world.

6.   Invasive bugs

As we have already mentioned, they can be quite invasive as a species, but the real question remains, as to how they managed make their presence known throughout the world. Max Barclay, the National History Museum’s head of Coleoptera collection, has a very interesting theory about this, especially about their appearance in the U.K.