When A Brown Bug Like This Appears In Your Yard, Immediate Action Is Required


7.   Hitched a ride on a ship

According to Barclay’s interview given to The Guardian back in March 2021, this bug probably came to Britain through some overseas shipments. It’s incredible to think about how a cargo ship managed to bring a very unwelcomed guest to the U.K. However, there is more to this than pure accident, as to why they may have hitched a ride.

8.   Hibernating bugs

Barclay further stated that stink bugs are quite inactive during the colder months of the year, and for that reason they seek a place to hide until the temperatures increase. This process is known as “diapause.” In other words, it’s hibernation for tiny bugs. Come to think of it, a ship isn’t such a bad idea to hide yourself from low temperatures?

9.   Warmer temperatures

Global warming is making us face problems that we didn’t have to face before, and one of them is the increase in numbers of stink bugs. Since they as a species thrive in warmer temperatures, we can only expect to see their numbers soar. Not a pretty sight for sure.