When A Brown Bug Like This Appears In Your Yard, Immediate Action Is Required


10.                A perfect home

In August of 2020, a group of specialists shared a very concerning research for Switzerland. They estimated that in the beginning of the next century, Switzerland could be a great host for these annoying little bugs. As we have seen so far, traveling there isn’t a big deal for the stink bug, the real problem is getting rid of them.

11.                Dr. Haye

Dr. Tim Haye is a specialist that participated in the research for CABI also known as the Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International. Dr. Haye shared some incredible findings regarding the stink bug back in September 2020 in the CABI website.

12.                Global warming

According to Dr. Haye, climate change is already modifying many species across the globe and stink bugs are no exception to that rule. Climate change affects their reproduction, and do that their life cycle. It is quite clear that these changes will affect many countries, and Switzerland’s north-western part is quite in dangerous because of that. The future generations of Switzerland might have to deal with an unwanted guest.