Why Women Fall for the Confident Man



Women love men who exude control and who can slice through problems, displaying a keen intelligence with calm no nonsense approach. It’s all about confidence, and that happens to be the new buzzword attracting women by the droves.

Quick and spur of the moment thinking in a man handling worst-case scenarios impresses women. But that requires confidence. Awkwardness and being unsure get a thumb down.

The man who radiates tension and reminds you of life’s negative shades is unwelcome. The confident man is a positive individual brimming with optimism. Usually, he’ll sport a smile even when the weather Gods pour icy water on his pinstripe suit. A smiling demeanor and a confident posture win women’s affections.

Being a team player is less about displaying cunning and ruthlessness and more about winning hearts and minds. The confident gentleman will create order and restore balance with charm, charisma, and chutzpah. Such a leader is followed instinctively, and his team (and the women in it) will latch on to his words with rapt attention.

Women studiously avoid the opinionated, shifty, and devious types. Study the people around you. You’ll notice that confidence makes a man more sociable. Such men are always in the crowd forging a close connect with people and making tons of friends in the process. Such men are attractive because they are fun to be with.

There’s a difference between being vain and being confident. The former repels. Confidence always attracts. Confidence means better eye contact and a welcoming body language. It works fine in the workplace and at home and in social gatherings.

When America was erupting in a vicious civil war, Abraham Lincoln knew the odds were against him but he stood his ground with a quiet confidence that inspired the country to stay united. Unknown to you, your aura of confidence is touching a personal chord with women because you are making them feel protected.

Women have rated confidence as the quality that escalates a man’s sexual attractiveness more than any other trait. There’s nothing to gain from being Mr. Testosterone on the pub floor only to retreat into a shell of shyness in bed.

The workplace is the arena that assures promotions and job opportunities to the confident man. More than aggressiveness or competitiveness, its confidence that elevates you as a man. The confident man doesn’t waste time dreaming of promotions. Being performance oriented, he creates grounds that can’t be ignored by his boss.

Follow the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and you’ll find men that abandoned a life dancing to someone else’s’ tunes. They are good leaders, painstakingly building trust and relationships with workers and investors. Above all, they displayed the confidence to say “I am my own boss.”

If women are attracted to a man brimming with confidence, they are repelled by arrogance. The arrogant usually make fools of themselves, walking over you as if you were a doormat. The confident man glides with you, putting you at ease with his charisma and spirited talk. The confident man spells his views clearly without making the impression that he is imposing himself. If confidence personifies you, it’s little wonder that women find you irresistible.